Organizational Psychologist

Ficco currently works with Human Relations Institute in their Organizational Psychology field, providing human capital management advisory services to local and multinational businesses, throughout the GCC. Develop and implement bespoke processes, leadership training and management, training and development programs, recruitment, professional and executive coaching, orientations, employee assistance programs, and talent acquisition for clients across a broad spectrum of industries.

Sandra was awarded her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from India and relocated to Hong Kong where she worked for Cathay Pacific. She then moved to the United States and worked for Delta Airlines in Atlanta Georgia. She has close to 20 years of experience as a Human Resources Professional in the aviation industry, which she thoroughly enjoyed. She has also lived and worked in Hong Kong, India, Canada, Australia, Japan, United States and now in the United Arab Emirates. During her employment in these countries, she has grown professionally and acquired many valuable skills, leading to her success in the workplace. She has also done a vast amount of traveling throughout various regions of the world, which has given her an uncanny ability to adapt to any environment. 

While supporting companies across the GCC., Sandra has also attended many continuing education workshops in an effort to perfecting her acquired skills and keeping abreast with the demands of 
the ever-changing work place. She very much enjoys what she does as a Human Resources professional and is always looking forward to new challenges.