Global Psychology Consultant

Dr. Tatiana was awarded her Ph.D. from Keele University, UK, on her research on the psychological aspects of the transition to retirement. Dr. Tatiana also earned an MBA from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and was originally trained as a systemic therapist. Dr. Tatiana is an accredited in Lumina learning Profiling System, NLP practitioner from the Institute of Berlin, and in addition to this, is a founding member of the Association for Coaching in the UK.

Dr. Tatiana has Lectured in Business Psychology at Birmingham City University, University of Westminster, performed as a Designer and Coordinator of the training project called Meetings at the NGO –
Teusonho meu sonho, which organises over 900 volunteers to work with institutionalised children. Sao Paulo/Brazil, and was Coordinator of the Retirement Support– In Search of What Comes Next project at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

A Speaker at the International Psychology Conference in Dubai, 2013, Dr. Tatiana also published in several areas via peer-reviewed article for Generations Review (publication from the British Society of Gerontology) 2013, poster presentation at NOGS annual conference (now renamed as ERA, part of the British Society of Gerontology), 2007. Co-authored the report “Executive Coaching in the UK”, based on research for the Association for Coaching – London, 2003, and Co-Author of the book ‘A Nova
Velhice’ (The New Old Age) published in 2002 by Revinter Editors. Rio de Janeiro/Brazil. 
Dr. Tatiana has also acted as a business psychology consultant for a number of high profile national and international, public and private organizations in the UK, Brazil and the UAE in a number of sectors including banking and finance, pharmaceutical, energy,
logistics and manufacturing.

Dr. Tatiana S. Rowson particular expertise lies in the area of leadership development and personal effectiveness. She supports people, teams and organizations to identify skill gaps and/or emotional
barriersfor success, and to develop strategies to overcome them.

She is also specialized in helping individuals to effectively manage their career-related transitions at any stage of their life course. In 2013, Dr. Tatiana S. Rowson joined HRI&C global consulting team delivering business psychology services, including:

•    Executive Coaching, 
•    Career Coaching, 
•    Leadership Development Programs, 
•    Team Fitness and Synergy Development, 
•    Work-Life Balance Programs, 
•    Life Transition Planning, 
•    Individuals and Teams Assessment, 
•    Tailor-made Learning & Development Programs, and 
•    Other general categories in Organizational Psychology.