Dr. Diana Cheaib
Houry is a Psychotherapist with a Ph.D. in Psychopathology and Psychoanalysis from the University of Denis-Diderot (France). She earned her first master's degree in Clinical Psychology from René-Descartes University (France) and her second master's in Psychoanalytic Anthropology from the University of Denis-Diderot. Diana also has a university diploma in Social and Cognitive Development of Infants from René-Descartes University.

Dr. Diana has dedicated over 10 years researching and studying women’s mental health and it's relationship with culture and identity conflicts. She has worked in France and Lebanon in a variety of counseling and clinical settings, focusing on women and couples wellbeing. Her main expertise lies in working with patients having depression, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, psychosomatic symptoms, couple issues, etc. and in providing support to women during pregnancy and after giving birth. Her deep knowledge in anthropology and cultural particularities across many Arab and Western societies allow her to work with individuals from several cultures. 

Dr. Diana conducts her psychotherapy services in French and Arabic.