The Positive Resourceful Effective Parenting (PREP) program, is now exclusively available in the UAE through a licensed Child Development Psychologist, Naeema Jiwani M.Sc.(UK), at the Human Relations Institute & Clinics, through individual customized sessions or group workshops.

About REP

The PREP program consists of a variety of internationally recognized research and evidence based parenting programs catered to parents with children in the following age brackets: 0 - 3, 3 – 6, and 6 - 12 years. The objective of the PREP program is to promote emotional and social competence in children and to prevent, reduce, and treat behavior and emotional problems in young children, through parental skill development and behavior management strategies.

The modules are based on the developmental age of the child so that the parent is coached on strategies and principles according to their child’s specific developmental bracket. The program also includes a special module for children between the ages of 8 – 12 years on Social Skills Development (PREP SSD) which covers topics such as developing problem solving skills, building anger management skills, coping with bullying and teasing, enhancing team building skills, and how children can be taught principles of communication, cooperation and compromise.

How does PREP benefit children and their parents?

Children whose parents have completed the PREP program demonstrate an apparent decrease in aggression and disruptive behavior, a decrease in negative behavior and conflict at home and school, an improved willingness to learn, an enhanced ability to deal with conflict and better developed social and emotional regulation skills.

Brief on Naeema Jiwani, M.Sc., MBPsS.

Naeema Jiwani (M.Sc., MBPsS), a Dubai Health Authority (D.H.A.) licensed Child Development Psychologist, completed her Masters of Science degree from one of the top three universities in London, University College London, in the United Kingdom in Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology.  She has conducted child development programs for several years and has also completed studies in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mentalization Family Based Therapy. A member of the British Psychological Society in the UK, Educational and Child Development Division, Naeema is also an Adjunct Professor at Middlesex University, Dubai, and has taught at the American University of Dubai.

Having being born and brought in Dubai, her programs are culturally sensitive and are catered to the needs of parents in the UAE. Naeema conducts parenting and children's workshops at the Human Relations Institute & Clinics as well as nurseries and other child - oriented centres in addition to delivering individual consultation services to families. She is also qualified to conduct Developmental Based Observational Assessments in the school, home or community setting and provides strategies to parents to modify their interactions with their child in an effort to enhance language acquisition, acquire developmental milestones, and reduce negative behaviors while teaching more appropriate replacement behaviors. 

PREP Program Content

Four parenting modules and one children’s module focus on a variety of topics from strengthening a child’s social and emotional regulation skills, to developing positive disciplinary techniques to manage children’s negative behaviour.

  Program Age Groups Attendees
1    PREP Babies and Toddler Program 0 – 3 years Parents
2 PREP Positive Relationship Building & Behavior Management Strategies 3 – 6 years Parents
3 PREP Enhancing Academic Motivation & Behavior Management Strategies for School – Age Children 6 – 12 years Parents
4 PREP Family Problem Solving & Effective Family Communication 6 – 12 years Parents
5 Social Skill Development Club for Children 8 – 12 years Children

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Structure of the session

The PREP Program places emphasis on experiential learning so that parents not only learn the principles of optimal child development but also practice them during the session to ensure learning has taken place. These sessions take place through watching DVD vignettes of real life family interactions, role play, group discussions and home –based activities.

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