CBT for Anxiety Workshop - Saturday, April 8
10am - 3pm with Mandy Jassal

Mandy Jassal, CBT Therapist, EMDR Practitioner, and Mental Health Nurse (UK), will be conducting a one-day workshop to help individuals work through anxiety using CBT techniques. All attendees will get an introduction to CBT & CBT techniques, and learn how to practice those two together to ease your decision-making, get equipped to deal with some of life's challenges and ultimately live a more manageable and fulfilling life.
Date: Saturday, April 8
Time: 10am-3pm
Price: At the door: DHS 350, advanced payment: DHS 350, students: DHS 150
Location: JLT, Cluster Y, JBC 3, Suite 604/5

Register by giving us a call on 04 365 8498 or emailing us at

To make sure attendees are able to get the most out of the workshop, engage with the professional, and have all their questions addressed, the workshop is limited in seating.