Who Should Attend:
Parents, Teachers, Nursery Group Leaders, Clinicians, Educators, Nannies and anyone who works or interacts with children.

What will you learn:

  • Parents for children aged 0 – 36 months (individual or group sessions):
  1. A developmental based program, delivered on a monthly basis.
  2. Sessions include activities, games and routine ideas specific to each month, coaching parents on guidelines to stimulate their child's development by using a variety of techniques.
  3. Screening for developmental delays or potential disorders to ensure that delays/disorders are prevented through intervention techniques at an early age.
  • Parents for children aged 3 years – 6 years (Group Sessions).
  1. Program 1: Strengthening Children's Social Skills, Emotional Regulation & School Readiness.
  2. Program 2: Using Praise & Incentives to Encourage Cooperative Behavior.
  3. Program 3: Positive Discipline – Rules, Routines and Effective Limit Setting.
  4. Program 4: Positive Discipline – Handling Behavior.
  • Parents for children aged 6 years – 12 years (Group Sessions).
  1. Program 5: How to support your Child's Education including
  2. Program 6: Promoting Positive Behaviors including
  3. Program 7: Reducing Inappropriate Behaviors by
The contents of the programs listed above are not exhaustive and sessions will include many more topics specific to each child's age group and behaviors or concerns that parents bring forward. Please register to find out more information.

Registration Procedure:
Do contact us by phone or email.