Endorsements from Parents who have attended PREP Sessions (workshops and customized individual sessions)

Testimonial #1

It has been such a pleasure attending your classes...the best thing about your program is that it works! Whatever we learn in class, whether its a technique, an approach with kids, a gesture, a tone of voice, it only takes me one or two tries and i see immediate results with my son. I never thought for instance that he would change so quickly from snatching toys from older kids to giving and sharing and being the nicest person i know. I never knew you could teach so much at such a young age ie 9 months and see a change in behavior! Its amazing how play is the most important aspect in a baby's life and that there are soooo many wrong ways parents play with their babies! Amazzing how we need to be taught how to play, child directed play was such an interesting chapter. This class truly helped me in disciplining my baby before he falls into the trap of the terrible toddler years. The techniques i learned in teaching him how to share, how to tidy up and clean up his playroom, and the amazing lead i let him take in playing, really paid off in him wanting to " return the favor" and be nice to me.

You are such a great coach/teacher! Very smooth, knowledgeable, nice, patient, a great listener (hehe) and fun to hang around with for 3 hours and not feel bored at all! You captivate us so much with all the info and your way of conducting the class, its incredible :-) The stickers are the cherry on the top :-D i can't wait for the next workshop...

(Lebanese mother of an 11 month child)

 Testimonial #2

Thank you, Naeema for your intensely honest and powerfully engaging facilitation of our PREP workshops.  A very worthwhile and insightful experience, you always leave me hungry for the next session/s.  An added benefit is your ability to provide a safe environment for anyone to feel unafraid to share difficult experiences.  I am a very cautious person, and having to share without prompt is a true milestone for me.  I feel completely relaxed and accepted.  Far from being monotonous and long drawn out, you captivate us with variety.  

I appreciate the vignettes, the role plays, and the learning that comes from others’ experience; and hey, even the stickers!   

And finally, to see positive changes in my son’s behaviour and my relationship with him is the ultimate reward!  Still there are a lot of issues to work on, and already I feel empowered with the right tools to go ahead.  I came to you as I was at the end of my tether, feeling exhausted and isolated as a parent.  I felt nobody understood even after I had used up my bag of tricks.  Now, I can only look forward to the future with hope.  I am positive there are other parents like me who would stand to profit with an honest to goodness approach like yours.
(British Mother of 5 year old)

Testimonial #3

Being a parent is one of the most difficult one could ever expect to face.

Some unexpected circumstances have obliged me to attend the PREP Parenting Courses with Naeema, and honestly speaking, I was a bit reluctant at first.

What I can say from the series of sittings I had with Naeema is that they captivated my attention instantly, as soon as the first one. These occurred during a difficult time of my life, with a very hectic schedule, and a lot of travelling and unrest in between. I always thought I would end of sleeping during our meetings. On the contrary, the material Naeema presented to me was so captivating, that my attention could not be driven away even for a minute.

In addition, the way Naeema is leading her meetings is very smart, for she will unexpectedly ask you a question at a any moment, and she won’t give up until you will come up with an answer. I was also very pleased with her way of rewarding me with ‘’excellent’’, ‘’this is correct’’etc.. Even if I thought I was the worse mother on earth, Naeema will always find something to make me feel comfortable and encourage me to move in the right direction.
Watching the vignettes was not only putting my full attention into them, but also being ready to discuss thoroughly about each and every case occurring in them.

It is important to mention as well that my first feeling was regret. Regret of having waited so long to attend a similar course. The behavior of my son has changed tremendously. Moreover, the behavior of my eldest teenage boy who was not concerned at first has changed as well very positively. The family found back a certain balance.

I would always be thankful to Naeema to have helped me improve the situation.
Last but not least, let me add one more thing. She said to me something that will always stick in my head: ‘’even if you achieve only 10% of what you learned with me, consider that this is already a success’’
Thank you Naeema for helping me out, and I advice every parent who is facing difficulties to consider go to see her.

(Lebanese Mother of 12 and 16 year old)

Testimonial #4

It has been a sincere pleasure attending the PREP workshops!  I've been promoting your course at every opportunity already, that's how much I'm enjoying it & how important I think it is.  To be honest, I think every parent should do such a course, if only because I've found it incredibly useful to develop the parenting skill set that the course has taught me. 

The course has enabled me to take my relationship with my son to another level & it has been a joy to see the impact it has had on both of us.

(Syrian Mother of a 3 and 1 year old)

Testimonial #5

The PREP program is great. I highly recommend it to everyone.

The small changes and activities I implemented from the program definitely have made a difference in our family life. The course gives me a clearer understanding of how to effectively shape my children's behaviour and helps me to be a better parent for my children.
Thank you!

(Emirati Mother of a 5 and 3 year old)